The Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) WSQ programmes equip individuals who are interested in pre-school education with the relevant qualifications to develop careers as educarers or pre-school teachers. Why is there no Malay Language (ML) specialisation currently? Over 40,000 new full-day preschool places by 2023, including those in the new AOP Early Years Centres and MOE Kindergartens; Uplifting the standing of the profession, with better career prospects and competitive salaries. These include: __________________________________________________________________________________, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: EARLY CHILDHOOD INDUSTRY TRANSFORMATION MAP. The Master of Education (Early Childhood) programme makes an in-depth study of theories and practices in early childhood education and extends the knowledge and expertise of professionals in the sector. As with all centres licensed by ECDA, the pilot centres require sufficient trained teachers overseeing the children at all times of the day. September 1996; Early Childhood Education Journal 24(1):11-16; DOI: … How do centres ensure the safety and well-being of the children? Over the past year, ASSETS has been working with partners to further raise awareness and take-up of SMART solutions amongst preschools that have not yet been using technology in their operations. 1. gambling/problem gambling/responsible gambling. According to Choo (2010), “Education policy is one – as Singapore has always placed a premium on education … 3 Current Trends and Issues in Philippine Education.pptx . 14 ECDA Fellows were appointed in April 2015. They may have thought “it’s really fun”, but there are stresses, and it can get “mentally tiring” to “keep thinking about what you want to say (and) making decisions every single moment”. Recognised as one of the ‘caring’ professions, teaching, and in particular the early childhood sector, has long been dominated by females within the workplace. 6. 3. President of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association Professor Christine Pascal emphasized that Singapore was lacking in parental involvement and support in preschool education.Countries like the UK and Belgium, ranked fourth and fifth respectively, have recognized that parents are the vital link between classroom learning and learning that continues at … This book uses case studies of Aotearoa New Zealand policy formulation and practice to explore early childhood education and care as a site for democratic citizenship and social justice. New episodes on Channel 5 every Thursday night. “Like weighing what’s important, what (to) attend to first and being comfortable with myself,” she added. 4       The Early Childhood ITM encapsulates initiatives co-developed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), the Association of Early Childhood and Training Services (ASSETS), the unions, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and preschool operators, to meet the need for quality manpower in a sustainable manner. The other sub-sector is the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector. Published online: 9 Jul 2006. Fromberg, D. P. (2003). Why was such a co-sharing service model piloted? It is a fact that current trends in education are also influencing society’s development in China. Key Trends/Challenges in Singapore’s Preschool and Early Childhood Education Sector. READ: Selected pre-school teachers to graduate faster under new scheme, READ: PCF Sparkletots sets aside S$20 million to help develop teachers. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: CAREER PROGRESSION AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONALS. We consider that Natural Sciences should be introduced as soon as possible. As the AOPs set up more and larger-capacity centres, there will be greater opportunities for teachers with the right aptitude and competencies to take on larger job roles, such as the mentoring of junior teachers, and for leaders to manage a larger centre or a cluster of centres. “It took a toll on my back … It was (so) painful that I couldn’t even get out of bed,” she said. What are the senior professional positions that will be created? It is a sign of how people’s notions of the job can also be a challenge in terms of attracting talent. What else will ECDA/MOE/NIEC provide? And over the last three years, the salary increase in early childhood education has been 15 per cent, compared with a “general market of 7 to 8 per cent”, he noted. These trends in early childhood education show how the school is going through a great transition. Parents may check with the AOP centre directly on the provision and indicate their preferred MTL. ), Major trends and issues in early childhood education. 1 The Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM) covers one of the two sub-sectors under the Education ITM. This year is not quality early childhood practice; moreover, it is not always accessible to children from disadvan-taged families. The brain of a child reared in safe, loving and secure environments is more likely to develop in a normal and healthy manner ensuring they are on the right path for a bright future making them worthy future citizens and happy individuals. Will there be sufficient teachers in the classrooms if AOPs promoted more of them to leadership positions? Major trends and issues in early childhood education: Challenges, controversies, and insights. Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM), Ensuring sustainable and quality early childhood services. She also wants more to be done to recruit men “to come in and be role models for our children”, as they make up less than 1 per cent of pre-school educators today. Recently, we’ve been observing these three major trends in early childhood education that are on the rise in visibility and popularity among daycare facilities, preschools and other types of early years learning centers. The professional and social status of the early childhood educator. Early childhood education in India: History, trends, issues, and achievements . Universal preK is an ongoing initiative that would make high-quality preschool programs available to … The AOPs are intensifying their recruitment efforts for Malay and Tamil Language teachers, to support their ramp-up in Malay and Tamil Language provision which will be done progressively over these 5 years. Parents can also be assured of continued service within the same pilot centre for their infants turning 18 months in the infant care bay. We have about 25 per cent of our teachers (and) staff who’ve been with us for more than five years.”. Would there be overcrowding? A conference sponsored by the United Nations in the early 90's emphasized the importance of educating children during their early years of brain development. These include the Professional Development Programme for Teachers, Educarers, and Leaders, as well as the ECDA Fellows scheme. We have introduced more flexible forms of training - for example, more on-the-job coaching and shorter classroom-based training for Allied Infant Educarers (AIEs) to care for babies. Despite recruitment drives for the sector, and steps to make the profession more attractive, it is still hard to recruit and retain pre-school teachers. For instance, AOPs will develop opportunities for educators to engage in various professional development activities to be better equipped with pedagogical and leadership skills. EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Want more? WATCH: Diana Ser tries being a teacher's assistant (4:03). The programme Talking Point finds out why and what it might take to change that. It’s a challenging and exciting time to own a child care service or preschool. “We’re preparing them for future learning when they go to Primary One and also preparing them for learning for life.”. ISBN-13: 978-0807743508. Tzuo, PW (2010) The ECE landscape in Singapore: Analysis of current trends, issues, and prospect for a cosmopolitan outlook. This will help to enhance the quality of teaching and overall management of early childhood services. Watch this episode of Talking Point here. Individuals. _______________________________________________________________________________. In addition, teaching and learning resources such as NEL Big Books for MTLs are also available for use by preschools to complement their curriculum. 4. 3       Currently, there are about 17,000 educators in the early childhood sector. The professional development activities could include mentoring, engagements with AOP senior management, short attachments or special projects in AOP headquarters or other centres, Continuing Professional Development courses, and sector-wide programmes. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1.Which local Early Childhood training programmes are accredited by ECDA? You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Importance of childhood: children's health and changes in family life. Despite steps to make the profession more attractive, some thinking outside the box might be needed, as Talking Point finds out. Improvements in Funding; President Obama has commented on the issue of early learning, and has put together a comprehensive agenda that will hopefully strengthen the quality of early childhood care and education in the country. There are Currently about 800 preschools (or almost half of all preschools) have indicated their interest to subscribe to the SMART solutions offered by 4 qualified vendors. This specialisation makes an in-depth study of theories and practices in early childhood education. With more dual-income families and working grandparents, as well as growing awareness of the importance of early childhood development, there is rising demand for preschool services, and the sector will require 20,000 early childhood educators by 2020. 1. 1. Theoretical perspectives and empirical research will be used as analytical lenses to examine the key trends and issues concerning the education and care of children from the Journal of Research in Childhood Education. Centre leaders will oversee the overall management of a preschool, while senior teachers will drive the preschool's teaching and learning approaches, and take on active roles in mentoring other teachers. The Skills Framework, which was launched as part of the Early Childhood Manpower Plan, spells out career progression pathways in the early childhood sector as well as the specific skills and competencies required for various job roles, enable: Educators to identify their learning needs and plan for professional development opportunities, Operators to strengthen human resource policies and provide career development opportunities for educators. A Singapore Government Agency Website A+ A-RESET. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood is a peer-reviewed international research journal. 4. Currently, the AIE training is only opened to selected AOP centres as it is still in the pilot phase. These policy developments have resulted in significant changes in various aspects of the quality standards of pre … (Watch the episode here.). So for example, for new students, whether from the polytechnics or the Institute of Technical Education, we have training awards, much better internships and mentors,” he said. 8       ECDA will expand opportunities for passionate individuals with the right aptitude to join the growing early childhood profession. She believes the sector can provide a mid-career change for those who “may lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence in the next five years”. For a big player like EtonHouse, the problem is not about finding teachers but retaining them, she told Ms Ser. We are in the midst of evaluating the applications for the 2nd batch of ECDA Fellows, which will be announced in early April. My First Skool deputy centre lead Eunice Tay said: “People would just think that ‘oh, you’re just a nanny’ and you have to … take care of the children. There is increasing recognition of, and response to, early childhood as a “tipping point” for young minds. But can more be done, for example, by thinking outside the box to attract talent? Providing a good foundation in Mother Tongue Languages. Early Childhood Education: Issues and Trends References; Citations Metrics; Reprints & Permissions ... Issues in early childhood education. Fromberg, D. P. (2003). 2. Early Childhood Manpower Plan launched in Oct 2016 to create meaningful and rewarding careers for educators, through strengthening career progression, providing a more supportive working environment and enhancing the image of the early childhood profession. 7       Work processes are being streamlined to help operators manage costs and allow educators to devote more time to teach and care for our children. Existing teachers in AOP centres who meet the criteria to teach MTL may also choose to do so. ECDA will work with NIEC on the provision of training for teachers who are interested to teach MTL. Linda Bakken et al. 5. 9       To complement the ITM and ensure that early childhood professionals keep pace with industry needs, ECDA has rolled out various initiatives to support their professional development. Will the AIE training be opened to non-AOP centres? AOPs will actively identify, develop and manage the careers of their educators in a more structured manner, especially for more promising individuals. This page also includes links and resources related to early learning working groups led by NCSL: the State Policy and Research for Early Education (SPREE) Working Group, focusing on preschool-third grade issues; and the Early Childhood Fellows, led by the Children and Families Program, focusing on prenatal through age 5 issues. How many more will do so by 2022? Currently, the Advanced Diploma for Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL) and Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching and Learning (ADECT) are supported by the Award. This is up from S$1,900 in 2012. Striking an optimistic note, he added: “Because of the growing demand for early childhood services and the growing demand for skilled professionals, we do see that the salaries will continue to rise quite strongly in future as well.”, Asked about the 2020 target of 20,000 teachers, he said: “We’re closely monitoring the figures, quietly confident that we’re on the right track.”. Springer Singapore, Singapore. To begin with, let’s define trends. What resources are available for the training and career development of Mother Tongue Language (MTL) teachers today? Share on Facebook Share on … When will we know which are these centres? 4. “Then for (those in) mid-career, we have place-and-train programmes and professional conversion programs that allow the prospective teacher to enter the sector, earn a salary and receive training at the same time.”. Nonetheless, that expansion has come with enhancements in professional development, as Mr Eugene Leong, the chief executive of the Early Childhood Development Agency, noted. Despite a general decline in applications to polytechnics, diploma courses in early childhood education have bucked the trend.. Read more at Also, more than 50 preschools have taken up the centralised meal catering service, and this number is still growing. Download. “We’ve improved the entry pathways for people to join the sector. Feng, Jianhua Within the field of early childhood education, several issues are currently being debated and many new developments are emerging. developments of early childhood education (ECE), both internationally and in Singapore. All AOP centres will continue to provide Chinese Language. Rising parent expectations around learning outcomes are creating opportunities for those who are ready. “Some of them are very particular about what exactly has happened to their children,” said the 34-year-old. If you intend to embark on a certificate or diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education conducted in Singapore, you should attend a certificate or diploma programme conducted at the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) or ECDA-accredited programmes … SINGAPORE: She was working at a pre-school while studying for her diploma in early childhood education. Today, Singapore recognizes the importance of early childhood development and education and has over the past years been working towards increasing access, improving quality and ensuring equity. ECDA Fellows programme to develop pinnacle leaders. “Most certainly,” said early childhood education specialist Peggy Zee, who has been a consultant in the industry for nearly four decades. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood is a peer-reviewed international research journal. Lead Teacher) to cater to different interests and aspirations. The Early Childhood ITM encapsulates initiatives co-developed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), the Association of Early Childhood and Training Services (ASSETS), the unions, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and preschool operators, to meet the need for quality manpower in a sustainable manner. 3. To better prepare their teachers for these senior professional positions, AOPs will develop and manage the careers of their better-performing teachers in a more structured manner. ECDA will review the scope of the pilot before deciding whether to extend it to other centres. Having surveyed the Malaysian early education landscape through in-person school visits and face-to-face interviews with principals, we have accumulated a treasure trove of insights. 4. In particular, ECDA aims to provide early exposure to and foster a love for the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) in our children during their preschool years, which will build a strong foundation for bilingual learning. 13       These initiatives to uplift the early childhood profession and raise the quality of preschools are intended to ensure a good start for our children. If so, by when does ECDA intend to do so? Journal of Education Policy. ), Major trends and issues in early childhood education: Challenges, controversies and insights (2nd ed.). 12       In tandem with the deeper skills, larger responsibilities, and more complex job roles required of our early childhood educators today, salaries for the profession are projected to rise. 1. By clicking subscribe, I agree to receive news updates and promotional material from Mediacorp and Mediacorp's partners. 2       Among the new initiatives is the Early Childhood Industry Transformation Map (ITM)1 , a roadmap to steer the early childhood sector towards more innovation and productivity, so as to better cater to rising demand for quality early childhood services. This will ensure a strong core of good quality teachers within AOP centres. Currently, there are about 17,000 educators in the early childhood sector. In turn, this has benefitted parents and teachers in terms of managing children. The rapidly changing trends in early education have reshaped the culture of preschools and kindergartens in many countries of the world. To be consistent with the terminologies commonly used in the context of Singapore, the author uses PSE to refer to all educational programs and services provided before formal schooling for children aged between 4 and 6 years in kindergartens and child care centers, and early childhood care and education (ECCE) for early childhood development programs and services for children below the … This can potentially smoothen the transition for young children across age groups and enable operators to enroll more infants and toddlers, while ensuring that children are adequately supervised and the prevailing regulatory requirements are adhered to. Early child education in Singapore faces enough problems to be solved. But there is also risk as new public funding is attracting new entrants and the cost of delivering educational outcomes is high.

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