My ZTW makes a horrible grinding noise only when turning right and only in the morning, it goes away completely (or so i hear) after 10-15 minutes of driving (not idling) and it seems to be noisier when accelerating in a right turn than when coasting in a right turn. The next day I happen to notice that around 1000rpm while lightly pressing the throttle and in D the truck makes a, sort of, grinding, rough, noise. The speedo also jumps around and only works when it … seams to be speed consistant and does not very with turns, engine rpm or gear position on transmission(4L60E) Drained rear end fluid and there is a little metal shaving but not excessive. the pinion yoke torques up from acceleration or down from deceleration, the. A sound like a coin in a clothes dryer. As. Dudes, HELP! I've put it in neutral and while decelerating and also held in the clutch and it still does the same thing. I've got a 2007 3s automatic, and I've been getting this split-second scraping noise coming from under the car when under light acceleration at low speeds, about 10-20 mph. Smooth acceleration, shifts nice, but there is a grinding/whiney noise under deceleration. rear U-joint angle changes and causes the vibration to change. What it means: If you hear something rattling around inside a … The noise occurs under acceleration at both low and high speeds too though so I'm not sure if it's a brake noise. The noise sounds are identical to the noise in the video posted on this thread earlier (12-30-2018, 07:45 AM). It gets louder as you drive. I have a 2008 jeep patriot, 128000 miles, XXXXX Under the hood there is a low clicking noise. This does not occur while idling, but only while accelerating. The torque converter, a fluid coupling device located between the engine and transmission, may also be to blame.“Torque converter makes a grinding sound at 1,400 rpm. This issue is common on vehicles more than 15 years old as the emergency brake sometimes corrodes and can cause the pads to stick to the rotor; which can cause this noise. It sounds as if it is coming from directly underneath the front row of seats and it's just really a rough noise. Frequently occurs when going up hills under 30mph under slight acceleration. identified by the change in the noise when accelerating or decelerating. It'll happen for a split second, and I can also feel it under the gas pedal, and that's it, no continual noise. This is one noise that is very difficult to miss. 2018 Raptor with 7,500 miles. My Forester makes what sounds like a metal on metal scraping noise randomly only when accelerating, the noise almost sounds like a dust shield scraping the rotor and gets more frequent after driving for a while. If you can’t identify the alternator, water pump and power steering pump, refer to your car’s owner's manual until you know what’s what. I can sort of hear it when the truck goes from a crawl to a complete stop. You start your … Step 2. One mechanic could find no problem. It occurs when accelerating after a stop, it becomes even louder when I brake, turn and then accelerate and it only occurs when accelerating forward, not when it's in reverse. Today I noticed a weird rubbing/grinding sound when turning out of my driveway. Then as I was accelerating slowly away on quiet street loud slapping/scrapping or wind buffeting noise at approx. You should contact a professional mobile … 2005 Kia Sedona: Scraping noise in front drivers side. what do your tires look like? Does not sound like a rattle, and immediately stops when not accelerating. It kind of sounds like what brakes do when the pad is gone. I've actually recreated my grinding sound without the vehicle moving. When turning to the right while accelerating it makes a grinding noise. It happened again a couple of miles down the road when I turned onto another road. This noise goes away as soon as it accelerates past 1000rpm. If the grinding noise starts right away or is present anytime the engine is running, pop the hood. In 2019, the Jetta debuted an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission. no vibration or loss of power during acceleration with noise presant. The car drives and shifts fine. Was very loud and is consistent at 27 km/h from slow acceleration. Save Share. When I take my foot off the accelerator, it mostly goes away. wa wa wa can be a common tire sound... as for rear end noise, a wa wa wa from the diff would be like ring gear runout and may require a new carrier assembly or ring and pinion. It lasted a couple of seconds and went away. "The 8 speed automatic transmission emits a grinding noise that sounds metallic when up-shifting under normal or light acceleration. Recently though and this is where my question arises I've been hearing a scraping, grinding noise under the car. Very noticeable under light acceleration, can't hear it too much under heavy acceleration because the engine is fairly loud. I recall that the noise … I can replicate it every time even in my underground parking lot 3 floors underground where there is no wind what so ever. The noise picks up when the engine is under a heavy load - this is when climbing a steep hill on 1st or 2nd gear or when quickly accelerating. For the past 2 days, I've been getting an intermittent loud, harsh scraping noise seemingly coming from the front, possibly the engine bay or undercarriage upon acceleration. A worn side-gear bore in the carrier case will usually cause a clicking sound. If the grinding hasn’t started yet, skip to step three. It seems to do it more often on hills. The noise stops when I take my foot off of the gas/push in the clutch. Lately my truck has started to make a pretty noticeable rotating scraping noise under the front of the vehicle when accelerating and the noise gets faster the faster I go. Assuming you have a front wheel drive LaSabre, this type of noise is typical with worn out wheel bearings on the rear of the vehicle or the emergency brakes are dragging. When hot and at low speed and turning right the noise comes back. Once it enters overdrive, the scraping noise goes away. Squealing or chirping on acceleration: This usually indicates a belt or belts are loose and slipping. When the car is jacked up it does not make any noise. The 8 speed automatic transmission emits a grinding noise that sounds metallic when up-shifting under normal or light acceleration. 27 km/h. the cv joint has been replaced. Squealing Noise During Acceleration. Reply. Many owners claim that the unit makes a grinding noise or scraping noise at lower speeds. On accelerating over a certain speed, the noise disappears. The noise I hear is not like a brake noise, no scraping or grinding of pads against rotor. The noise is pretty loud and not a normal noise. Open the hood. I can duplicate the noise easily by accelerating and pushing the brake pedal the same time.

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