But when JYJ signed with CJeS Entertainment, Avex cut off all ties from the trio (with CEO Max Matsuura posting emo tweets to compliment the affair). To the end, that is the common opinion. Los fans de JYJ que asistan a los conciertos restantes de JYJ en… I can’t help but think, only a few months ago these same fans supported Matsuura. [JYJ3 Note. And if the courts were not fair, then Japan becomes not a “law-governed” country but rather ends by being an “abandoned” country. Some of the fans on twitter exploded their anger. Matsuura: Thanks! ayu_19980408: OK! Q: I want to hear you say “Hitsumabushi de himatsubushi” (JunSu’s oyaji gag that means “Killing time by eating hitsumabushi”). It’s a matter of contract. Foto: STV News Luego del éxito obtenido en sus conciertos en Tailandia, China, Taiwán, entre otros, JYJ dio inicio a la parte que corresponde a Norteamérica de su "Gira Mundial JYJ 2011" con un espéctaculo extraordinario que presentaron anoche en Vancouver, Canadá. masatomatsuura Without limiting certain companies, to try and sign contracts, there are companies that will say completely different things. ayu_19980408: Yes, I like them. ayu_19980408: Masaaaaaaaa—!!!!! There was a rumor on the internet that it was an act of Mr. Matsuura (and those around him). [JYJ3 Note. mjjeje: “Wasurenaide” is not my song, nor is it anybody’s song. They praised him and hailed AVEX for being such a loving and supportive company. They are also adults with power of discernment. JYJ @ NII Fanmeet. While they were under what turned out to be the fake-protection of avex, cJeS and JYJ worked directly with avex without any problem. April 17, 2010 by delzchangmin (T/N) : Baca dari bawah ke atas yaa… 1st : Pic. It’s that we can’t overcome what we are forced to do so even if we don’t want to…. What more proof do you need? In other words, it’s a matter of … There is no getting around it, no sugarcoating it, and, in my opinion, no excuses for why avex would be so personally hateful towards the good intentions of their Korean brothers. @masatomatsuura: It's not interfering. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. But definitely will not lose! Via tokyohive: – After getting flooded with comments from angry fans, it appears as if avex Entertainment CEO Max Matsuura has shut down his official Twitter account. Source: masatomatsuura @ twitter  But I don’t know just how to relay to them of their wrongs…. The people who made that … And letting any of these disagreements get in the way of helping the struggling victims in Japan is absolutely hateful. As the readers well know, the lawsuit’s end actually is almost unnecessary, because JYJ already WON a court judgment that guarantees them freedom from SM. --♥ [ TRANS ] 100917-100918 ♥-- --♥ Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates ♥-- QUOTE I will be silent for a while. Penampilan JYJ Junsu Sebagai Cameo Di Drama “Scent Of A Woman” Agu 7. Email This BlogThis! According to avex’s actions, there’s a contract that needs to be enforced!! Tag Archives: Max Matsuura [Trans] 110720 Avex CEO Max is Forced to Shut Down His Twitter. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. Posted by: sharingyoochun on July 18, 2011 [Trans] 110419 Max Matsuura’s Tweets About JYJ. JYJ’s popularity is bananas (meaning: incredible, great, high) in Japan. What is this? avex wants to play big papa and act as if they’re teaching JYJ a lesson for bucking the system and refusing to be ‘owned’, but avex has been brought low by these actions and will suffer consequences that they apparently refuse to see right now. RT @a_milky: @masatomatsuura You already knew the actual condition of C-jes, so why did you still sign on JYJ?>< masatomatsuura … [Trans] 100423 Max Matsuura’s twitter part 2. So obviously this ISN’T some wishy-washy, kinda-sorta, maybe-its-a-good-thing event to JYJ. RT @masatomatsuura: RT @abendjpn: Recently, a Chinese singer covered Jaejoong’s song. 3rd : untuk fans DBSK. After a whirlwind of furious tweets from JYJ fans, Max Matsuura tweeted: "Thanks for everything up until now. Thanks for your understanding.” (T/N: pls click for the trans here.) (laugh). Nonetheless, some sites have taken the effort to translate these tweets so we felt obligated to translate them ourselves. There was a rumor on the internet that it was an act of Mr. Matsuura (and those around him). Especially when C-JeS itself offered to get out and Avex still refused. I haven't done anything to be ashamed of. I found out that the Chinese singer who has no relation whatsoever with company a (T/N: avex) translated and sung the song without permission. [Trans] 100921 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Update. Yes, we’re done!! Posted on May 18, 2011 by tvxq5orever. Matsuura: What everyone has wrong– is that the lawsuit in Korea is at the step of the simple temporary lawsuit and is not the actual result. Japan, please wake up. Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Saturday, October 30, 2010 [NEWS] Avex CEO, Max Matsuura speaks about Twitter/JJY issues Good afternoon. Can we put that down as lame-a$$ excuse #92754 in the ‘Big Book of Lame-a$$ Excuses, World Edition’? You still like the 3 members, right? Since then, Avex has rekindled their relationship with SM and is now in charge of HoMin’s Japanese activities. Quite the same Wikipedia. The avex CEO tweeted about cJeS “thinking about how to not be in the minuses even if the performance falls through…”  BIG NEWS! They likely need to prepare, however, for avoiding court sanctions for making frivolous arguments.]. He tweets way too much. masatomatsuura Without limiting certain companies, to try and sign contracts, there are companies that will say completely different things. It belongs to the 5 people of “Tohoshinki”. The hardships of the CEO should be beyond imagination. That's it. Let’s hope that the Avex lawsuit ends so quickly that it ends before the judgment comes out for the SM suit. ☼Adorable JYJ ♪♫~! Matsuura is also getting a boatload of criticism from people tweeting him about this issue and has issued a few replies. They praised him and hailed AVEX for being such a loving and supportive company. Suspicion itself isn’t enough to prevent avex from doing business with SM, but it IS enough to keep JYJ from performing a charity concert? How ridiculous is that? RT @_akaney_ When the charity event was cancelled, out of shock I thought “why”? [JYJ3 Note. While JYJ continues to cut their own path with things like the massively successful concerts in Thailand this month (where Director Kim Jaejoong made his debut), avex seems to be struggling with how to stomp out the ever-growing grassroots support JYJ seems to be getting in Japan. He selectively RT’s and replies to tweets, and to translate them is almost unfair to the mass of tweets that he purposely ignores and buries. Matsuura Creates and Spreads False Rumors about Saitama via Twitter, Max Matsuura Tweets to Tell JYJ that They are Wrong, [WEIBO] 180323 Yuchun Official weibo update, [WEIBO] 180323 Yuchun Official weibo update. From Liz: Fans think Matsuura sold the rights of Tohoshinki (5 members) song ‘Wasurenaide’, which was composed and written by JYJ’s Jaejoong, to a Chinese artist without asking approval of the composer. Wow. Really, we don’t. Lol. Charity is a good thing so please don't step on it! ( IMPORTANT: This is not every single tweet that Matsuura tweets. ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ [Vid] Max Matsuura Documentary – DBSK Cut. Masato Matsuura (松浦 勝人, Matsuura Masato?, born October 1, 1964 in Yokohama, Japan), better known as Max Matsuura, is a record producer and president of one of the largest music labels in Japan, Avex Group.He is known mainly for discovering and developing new artists and converting them into big stars. Max Matsuura, những tin tức và sự kiện về Max Matsuura cập nhật liên tục và mới nhất năm 2021. July 2011 by Sara. To the end, that is the common opinion. A $^#%&! So avex cannot allow JYJ to perform in Japan… at least not before June. ♪ ( ‘ε`) /, [JYJ3 Note. But specifically Jaejoong’s popularity is off the charts. (ayu quotes Liar lyrics), ayu_19980408: Masato-kun and ayu-chan will lights out now. It does not matter if the suit NEVER ends because JYJ already HAS the right to perform as they wish, without the interference of SM.]. To hell with ‘a contract’ when the larger picture includes feeding and housing people who have lost everything. It’s a misappropriation/embezzlement that pretends to be charity! Posted by: sharingyoochun on April 19, 2011 [Info] 101030 Max Matsuura’s Statement on Twitter. How to transfigure the Wikipedia . JYJ3 Note: Today Max Matsuura suddenly starting to reply JYJ's japanese fans tweets and here we have the translation of some of his many tweets. And there’s evidence. Matsuura: In any case, there is no reason for me to lose. Thus, to have their judgment questioned by Matsuura — and to have their good intentions sabotaged — is wholly unacceptable. it's only the beginning..whatever they strive for,we'll always be there..that's our promise to be with jaejoong,yoochun & junsu. An unnamed source told Newsen: Junsu said, ”Everything was shaking violently… and it’s scary to think of what could have happened if I had been stubborn about going to Sendai.”, Reportedly, Yoochun as well was also slated to be in Japan the day of the quake in relation to his upcoming drama filming. Good afternoon. …Sigh. All I can say is.were just a good company. It’s a matter of contract. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Matsuura: Right? [Trad] 180511 Publicación diaria de los tweets de JYJ de TVXQ.

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