He received the posting through a combination of attrition and nepotism that everyone accepted at the time because there weren't a lot of good alternatives. The Fleet Shipyards are indirectly struck by nuclear weapons, which blinds both Cylon and Colonial DRADIS. The fifteen ships were quickly abandoned, lacking FTL capability to escape from any passing Cylon raiders.[4][5]. It also served as the protector of humanity and the Pegasus was just a reminder of humanity's arrogance. Technical specifications Why are the Final Five accepted by the robotic Cylons? With Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herbert Jefferson Jr.. Long live Peggie! During Fisk's command, officers on Pegasus became involved in the black market, and Fisk was able to gain influence due to his position, even going as far as to bribe Galactica's XO, Colonel Tigh, and Vice President Gaius Baltar with supplies. This turned out to be an ambush by Cylon forces, and Pegasus took heavy damage as a result, with Garner dying after leaving CIC to perform maintenance only he was skilled enough to perform. Interrogation of Pegasus' Cylon prisoner identified the mysterious ship as a "Resurrection Ship", wherein Raiders and Humanoid Cylons were downloaded into new bodies. save. In the episode "Pegasus" and the telemovie Battlestar Galactica: Razor, it is revealed a copy of Six had hidden aboard the Pegasus, posing as a civilian network administrator and using the name Gina Inviere (supposedly Old Gemenese for "resurrection"; in reality, înviere is Romanian for "resurrection".) In order to obtain much-needed fuel, the Galactica and Pegasus join forces in a daring attack on the Cylons. Following Pegasus' return to the fleet, Major Adama was promoted to the rank of Commander. Following the escape, a ship-wide assessment found some 723 crewmen had perished in the attack. In this case, Apollo did with his Battlestar what we've seen several times he'd been willing to do with a Viper -- put himself directly in the line of fire to protect others -- without thinking through the questions of whether Galactica would have served exactly as well and made more sense to sacrifice. @JeremyFrench I thought you were asking about the 2004 series ("I remember in the original series (...)", so you obviously know what happened in TOS), and my comment was about the fate of the Pegasus in the reimagined series, where the Pegasus destroyed/critically damaged a Basestar with the opening salvo, rammed to death another, and the debris (flight pod) crashed another Basestar and numerous Raiders. During the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Triton was ordered to Virgon to confront the Cylon fleet there, but was disabled and destroyed. The Command Navigation Program was disabled, and nonessential crewmen were allowed to disembark to see their families in a three month long extended shore-leave. A large unknown ship appears on Galactica ' s DRADIS. Soon after, however, Fisk was murdered by rival black marketeers, who were able to enter his quarters as guests. The Star Destroyer has its complement of TIE Fighters, while the Pegasus has its squad of Vipers and Raptors. This incident resulted in the arrest of Agathon and Tyrol, and their transfer to Pegasus pending execution. Furthermore, Galactica had its starboard side converted into living quarters. The Nova is the largest class of battlestar ever created. The truth is that Apollo was probably not qualified, objectively, to command a Battlestar. When the battlestar Pegasus reunites with the larger remnant of humanity led by Galactica, its commanding officer, Admiral Cain reveals that Pegasus had been tracking a Cylon fleet, and upon reviewing Galactica's logs surmises that this same Cylon fleet had been following Galactica and her Fleet, possibly for months.

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