", "Rising to the challenge again and again is why you guys are the symbols of hope! ", "I remember when were all meeting up to go to the beach. Am I correct?" ", "You're unable to clear a path to the future with your own powers... so you just stand there and falter." An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works One mistake and I might have ended up just like you...". ", "He's right. Everything was a trap set by the killer to frame her. Danganronpa 2 Voice Files (Spoilers) - Hajime Hinata - YouTube ", "We wouldn't be able to attend on time, but that wouldn't affect Nekomaru. ", "The countdown at Jabberwok Park... That's the only place we can think of. ", "Well, Teruteru? But before the incident, there WERE water bottles in the fridge. The killer did that, too." ", "No, not wind pressure. ", "I-If I do it, things will turn out okay...", "I was even betrayed by the academy I admired so much...", "Who cares what will happen to the world...? Hajime is always tense at first when meeting his crush. ", "I got it! ", "It's also important for me because it will help me... determine something." These footprints in the sand in front of the beach house... Aren't they yours? ", "That knife might not be the murder weapon. ", "If Hiyoko was left alone and ruined the evidence the killer had planted, it would've messed up their plan. ", "However, by moving Mahiru's body, the killer got blood splatter on them. ", "There's only one person who would've been able to commit this crime...", "Especially if that person is someone who'd think of an unexpected way to hide a weapon inside food...", "That's what happened! ", "Using the gloves and gas mask that he got from the military base...", "Nagito swapped the contents of a fire grenade he took from the plushie factory break room with that poison. ", "Nagito, did you forget? ", "The panels fell one after another, until they reached the lighter, tipped it over, and ignited the curtain. Frankly, I don't wanna believe it either. Did I get anything wrong? ", "They just have to peel off that wallpaper and stash it in the storage room. ", "Did Nagito's malice drive him to risk his life for a truth we'd reach this easily? ", "However, they did this to mislead us into believing that the music venue was locked from the inside. Let's just give up already...", "There are no clues that lead to the killer anyway... Not a single one...", "I see... Then care to tell me? smartphone game, but dark brown in the anime. ", "He has an alarm inside his body. ", "Ibuki definitely didn't commit suicide! ", "Where we found the body. ", "There's supposed to be sixteen names worth of profiles, but his name is the only one missing, right? ", "The incident began this morning... when Mahiru spoke to Hiyoko. ", "Instead, it makes more sense to think that the killer was hiding in the beach house, watching Hiyoko...", "Hey, Monokuma... Can I ask you about something that seems strange to me? Bryce Papenbrook. ", "If that memory I felt was actually a memory from the real world... What Nagito did was...", "H-He cut off his own arm... and transplanted a woman's arm?! ", "If the time of death wasn't mentioned in the Monokuma File, just to keep concrete evidence from us...", "I saw it at the hospital... right before Monokuma's morning announcement. Besides the stepladder, the filming location must have been different too! We don't have to find out who the killer is! ", "But, at that time, the trap set by a certain someone was already in motion. ///, "Well, it's nothing big, really... Only a small, decisive clue that points to the killer. ", "Why don't you... just show us your true self already? ///, "That's right. ", "Of course, that's also a virtual world. ", "By the time I arrived, the person wearing the hemp bag on their head was already hanging from the ceiling. ", "No matter how we look at it, this isn't you at all! Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. ///, "You're right. It's obvious that Gundham is the killer. The two close their eyes, and became one. ", "Then... it's not impossible to go in and out of that window? ", "In this particular case's Monokuma File, there's no specific cause of death. We just discussed this a few minutes ago...", "He set the warehouse on fire just so we'd have to throw the fire grenades? 108 I forgot how to breathe as everything else seemed to fade away. ", "After all, there's no way I'd knowingly whip out a knife in front of everyone, right? ", "Which means the killer set the alarm before they suspended Nekomaru! Secondly, thanks to all those who've read and shown support for this story. ", "The killer and everyone else... Two hopes attempting to grasp the one, true hope! ", "The drinks inside the refrigerator. ", "...Since he was carrying it around before the blackout in the first place. ", "In the end, the killer transformed the crime scene into a closed room. ", "They didn't turn the desk lamp on. Thinking Time..." ///, "In summary... this is the truth contained in this photo. I have a small confession to make. ", "The center of the rope is frayed because that's the part they used to strangle Ibuki. ", "Mahiru most likely played "Twilight Syndrome Murder Case," the video game provided to us as the motive...", "She probably wanted to discuss it with someone else who also appeared in the game as a character. ", "The truth that the two houses and the two towers are actually one complete vertical building. ///, "Well, since we're opening with your witness testimony, I thought we should solidify the foundation. ", "It's just as Sonia said. ", "But the real important talk begins now...", "Girl E had someone who can be called an accomplice. There will probably be a lot of despair too...", "I don't know what kind of future awaits us...", "...but our futures are ours! ", "I'm pretty sure... her death was instant, too. did anybody notice that Lisa's good morning voice line implies that she probably wakes up next to Jean? When I was investigating this case, I kept thinking over and over how strange it was. The three of you were staying in deluxe rooms, right? If this was a murder for the sake of hope, I'd happily sacrifice myself...", "...to think about the arrangement, right? ", "Haha... You guys only think there's something wrong with me because there's something wrong with *you*. ", "In order to conceal the unique design of the Funhouse...", "...Monokuma put us to sleep so we couldn't look at the outside of the building when he brought us to it. ", "Let's go over this incident one more time and then let's end this. That's why she also knew Nagito's trap was a bluff. I'm only being impartial right now... and the story I just heard... is clearly suspicious." The e-mail that the Future Foundation sent to you...", "In that e-mail, Makoto Naegi defied the Future Foundation to protect the Remnants of Despair! ", "It's possible that it was filmed at the hospital's conference room. ", "Honestly, it felt strange to me, too. ", "That's right. ", "Winning personality...? Do you have anything to say? ", "I'm sure everyone who's beaten the game already knows that it's based on an actual murder case. ///, "Now then... you guys must understand by now, right? When I went to investigate Nagito's cottage, I discovered something really strange. You used the surveillance cameras! ", "There was also a tear along the edge of the wallpaper, wasn't there? Of course I don't want to do this! Isn't that messed up? ", "What... What actually happened? ", "However... someone else overheard their exchange: the killer. I mean, her injury was only a single blow. ", "The reason why... is probably connected to what Byakuya was doing during the party, don't you think? ", "It might be better if we examine that possibility a little bit more. ", "That surveillance camera unit was designed for two-way communication with the hospital and the music venue. If we go back to our original selves before we entered the program...", "D-Does that mean we'll go back to being Ultimate Despair? ", "Will you be able to break through my argument? ", "There were various weapons and tools there. ", "That's true. ", "After arriving at Grape Hall, they pressed the button to open the door to the tower. How everyone was shouting during the blackout? Are you using your Ultimate Reserve Course Student talent?!" ", "Nagito was staying in a deluxe room in the same house, on the same floor, and he couldn't even hear it. ", "This wasn't an intentional murder! It's not that big of a deal. ", "His true intention was to set one of us up as the killer. ///, "The baton lighting forms a perfect circle around the pillar, so using it to hang the wallpaper totally fits." ", "The actual bomb I'm going to use isn't nearly as weak. ", "How about it, Monokuma? ", "...Well, I bet if that really was my reason, at least some of you would feel sorry for me. Thanks to those, we didn't inhale that poison gas. ", "Remember the floor in the dining hall? ", "It was Nagito, obviously. ", "Are you talking about the Shutdown Sequence? See? ///, "Think about what the three of us who didn't hear a sound have in common, and I'm sure you'll figure it out." There's also a possibility that the door was locked from the outside. ", "Plus, the shower room had no water because it was out of order, so they couldn't wash it off...", "But the killer expected something like that to happen. 35 items. The two boys knew that voice. ///, "Oh, that's what I asked you to do. Danganronpa hajime hinata voice pack V2[nick] Subscribe. She just came to tell me Nagito's condition had improved. ", "Peko, you're not Sparkling Justice. ", "You guys should confront it! ", "After I heard from those two that Ibuki disappeared, I had a feeling she was the person wearing the hemp bag.". What I feel is... more pure. That's how it's written on the staff roll. ", "This forced him to enter sleep mode, rendering him immobile. Danganronpa 2 marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Such despair..." ///, "It seems... her desperate struggle is finally coming to an end..." ///, "But we can't say for sure that that instict is wrong... can we?" ", "As he gripped the tip of the rope hanging over the ceiling girder with his left hand...", "...he laid down face-up, just beneath the dangling spear. It was definitely Izuru Kamukura, right? ", "It wouldn't be strange if a miracle happened...", "This isn't a game! ", "Well, I mean, I understand Hiyoko's death... but I'm wondering if Ibuki was really murdered." ", "But that might be because... there's no way any of us could be a killer. ", "In the previous Killing School Life, the surveillance camera footage was broadcast outside of the school. There's no way Ibuki committed suicide! Isn't that right, Hajime? ", "We then aimed for the fire's origin point, which was the curtain, and unloaded the entire supply. ", "Not everyone cooperates at a class trial. ", "If Nekomaru was crushed by the pillar, then there should have been fragments on top of his body. ", "Are you saying... there was another reason? ", "That timid tone... That definitely sounds like Girl A. ///, "Well... let's just leave that fun for later, and finish this opening act already." It wouldn't be good enough to serve as everyone's stepping stone. ", "First, he hung the spear that he took from Nezumi Castle from the ceiling girder by its cord. He heard your voice from the other line, and sighed in relief. ", "But even a drunk medical student can notice the difference between a hanging and strangulation. There's no way that's possible! ", "Of course I know, but I'm pretty sure everyone else has seen it, you know?" ///, "That's right, but... Just what is this scrap, anyway?" ", "He fell because the entire doorknob came off. ", "And they destroyed it and left that in pieces as well. Portrayal Giee Dec 24, 2020 9:08AM. ", "If that's the case, then that means that it should've been taken from the first floor of Strawberry House. That's not what we risked our lives for! And, at that moment...", "The killer lurking beneath the floorboards stabbed straight up with the iron skewer. The one Nagito stole from you. ", "If you close it, it would form a perfect wall in the hallway. "At the time, you were the one who actually took out the key, right? Wiki Link You appeared so suddenly that one time because you used that method, right? ///, "As long as you know what an Octagon means, you can solve this simple mystery easily." ", "Hey, Gundham. ", "He tried... to kill everyone except for the traitor! ", "What game?! ", "Yeah, she went to the venue on her own just to fix her messed up kimono. He tends to make victory signs or large waving gestures, which are often accompanied by broad smiles or a wink. I mean, it makes sense that you'd notice Ibuki's body right away." He took extreme caution when swapping them. ", "Knowing it was a fake isn't the problem. ", "I feel really bad for confusing you guys so much, but that's how I feel. ", "Let's stop. Looking at his arms, Hajime saw messes of white lines, up the entirety of his forearms. This is the truth behind the incident you caused! ", "You knew whether or not the first victim in the game was actually your little sister, right? There's concrete evidence that proves it. Then, the white void began to crumble, as Izuru and Hajime slowly merged. If we don't, nobody's going to be saved! ", "One of them was Monomi, and the other one was...", "No, that's not it! ", "Byakuya probably noticed the knife was hidden there. ", "What happened after that... even I don't know. They can't defeat symbols of hope like you guys! I can't breathe...! Nagito Komaeda ", "But now I remember! ", "Izuru Kamukura? ", "The killer couldn't have known how you'd take apart his body, so they couldn't have build a dummy. ", "That's right! The one who's really crazy is-", "If you really want me to spit it out, you should try torturing me or something. ///, "The true identity of the Octagon is that secret room in the depths of the Final Dead Room. ///, "The reason I'm the only one who knows it... is because I was the only one who performed the appropriate action."