And that doesn’t include a pair of “observation seats” built into each corner of the push pit. We especially like the lightness and bright­ness of its interior, enhanced by nu­merous large ports and an overhead skylight. 2009 Catalina 270 Wonderful opportunity to purchase a extremely clean, well-equipped 2009 Catalina 270. The displacement, being 6,400 dry and probably closer to 8,000 fully loaded, is very stable on the lake. Checking out both boats at a recent show, we noticed that the base list price of the Beneteau First 265 with inboard ($38,050) was less than 10 percent above the base for the Catalina 270 LE ($34,775). One year into owning her I continue to be very enamored with her and have enjoyed every sailing adventure. Even when the wind and waves kick up, the boat rides the waves well and feels very stable in the water. About the CATALINA 270 sailboat In a head-to-head comparison of entry level inboard cruisers, we think the lower price and practicality of the Catalina favors it over the glitter and gloss of the Beneteau. Above that, a partially furled jib and reefed main will take me up to about 30. These boats notably the C-250, the Hunter 26, and the MacGregor 26 all are of very modern design, are relatively inexpensive, and feature workmanship and materials of generally serviceable but by no means … The forward berth on the Beneteau measures 19 inches at the front, 76 inches at the back, and is 88 inches long. The Catalina easily wins the Ladder Sweepstakes with a four-step, 24-inch wide ladder with flat plastic treads, compared to the Beneteau’s three-step, 8-1/2-inch wide ladderI with treads only 1-1/4-inch wide, tW made by flattening the stainless tubing a bit. This group is the official forum and email discussion groups for the International Catalina 27/270 Association, IC27A The IC27A discussion group is for owners and prospective owners of Catalina 27s and Catalina 270s. The 265’s draft is mid-range (4′ 2″ vs. the Catalina’s choice of 5′ 0″ deep fin or 3′ 6″ fin with wings). The Catalina’s 32-inch stainless steel destroyer wheel on a pedestal is an Edson, a brand we associate with high quality and reliability. Both boats have swim platforms and stainless swing-down swim ladders. Though hard to judge in such strong, shifting winds, we think the Beneteau had the edge in sailing speed, as her statistics would indicate. The cockpit is actually large enough for 8 adults to sit while day sailing. Both boats seemed quite stiff, well balanced, and very responsive to the helm. The bottom of the Catalina’s tran­som misses the water by a couple of inches, but the Beneteau’s, with a short horizontal lip extending aft below the platform, is slightly immersed and thus attracts sea life, evident from the unsightly coating of saltwater slime on our test boat. Deeper is relative, I still wanted a shoal drafted boat, something less than 4 feet. Both could be spun in more or less their own length. Late in the summer the marinas can be a little shallow, which could shorten the sailing season for a deeper-draft vessel. Catalina 27 brochure Catalina 270 & LE Model brochure Catalina 28 brochure Catalina 28mkII brochure Catalina 30 MKI brochure Catalina 310 brochure ... Catalina Yachts Florida 7200 Bryan Dairy Rd Largo, FL 33777 Phone: 727.544.6681. Beyond the ventilating prop problem, the reason is mostly economic: By the time Beneteau buyers acquire the outboard engine and associated paraphernalia, the difference between inboard and outboard shrinks to around $3,500-and those who opt for the outboard miss the shore power option and electric hot water heater option which Beneteau throws in” free” with the inboard pack­age. For ven­tilation, the Catalina has six opening ports plus a forward hatch, while the Beneteau has eight plus a forward hatch. The head and shower are nice, including a second shower back at the swim platform. The original configuration only had cabin top winches which made single handing a little cumbersome. raw-water-cooled engine vs. 18-hp. Additional electronics at the helm include a chart plotter, wind indicator, and Raymarine wheel pilot. Our lake (Utah Lake) is a large but shallow lake. I loved my Catalina 25, it was the perfect boat for us for nearly a decade. From the outset she was designed to be affordable (some have even said cheap) for weekend excursions, club racing and coastal cruising – offshore work was always outside of the design scope. Patience paid off, I was able to find a boat whose previous owner had taken excellent care of everything. Catalina 28 International Association Visit the Catalina 28 Class Association. The Catalina 270 is an awesome coastal cruiser that is perfect for sailing in this area! There’s a small nav station at one end of the couches and a full size electrical panel. The cockpit table is a great place for lunch or dinner. We learned to sail, progressing from lake sailing to chartering in the British Virgin Islands. The Catalina 270 LE vs. By Zuzana Prochazka. Call 800/959-7245 for thousands of parts for your favorite Catalina. And the combination bow light is mounted directly behind and partly obscured by the center support of the pulpit. Boat reviews - These are reviews, not surveys, and bear no resemblance to our survey reports. Because of the extra forces involved, we’d worry about stress cracks eventually appearing around these bases. She is priced to sell fast and ready for a new home. We wouldn’t be inclined to sleep two in either aft berth, since the inside party not only doesn’t have much vertical roll-over room due to incursion of the cockpit sole, but also must crawl over the outside party to get up. Catalina 270 Cons. On a boat used in salt water, the atmosphere's corrosive nature can cause rapid disintegration of aluminum fittings (nevermind the fact that the spreaders might be 25 feet or more off the water). This can make it extremely inconvenient to fill the tank when line and chain are piled overt he cap. On mine, a previous owner had installed a second set of jib tracks on the side decks. A clear trend emerged at the last U.S. Deck hard ware (blocks, tracks, hatches, ports) on the Catalina is mostly made by Garhauer, Nibo, and Beck­son, all vendors noted for producing decent-quality but low-cost equip­ment. And hull speed with appropriate sail and engine power typically permits average-weather runs of 35 to 40 miles in an 8-hour day-long enough legs to satisfy the wanderlust of most cruisers. The Beneteau interior gives an impression of good craftsmanship, above-average but not consummately executed, and a dark though pleasant­ly airy cabin. Interior Appeal. New members are now set to moderated as a result non-boating related postings from new members. The Catalina 270, with a 9’6″ beam and weighing in dry at 6,400+ pounds, is at the outside limit of trailerability, but it is trailerable. April 30, 2014. Unfortunately, the Beneteau failed both tests, even with the height adjustment screw at the rudder head in the extreme “down” position. This make for a comfortable ride on the water. On the Catalina, there’s room for nine at the dock, as big a cockpit as could be desired in this size boat. The aft berth on the Beneteau measures 60″ x 77″, and you sleep parallel to the keel; the Catalina is slightly narrower at 57 inches wide, is 74 inches to 86 inches long depending on which side you’re on, and you sleep athwartships. The Catalina 270 LE vs. outboard for those who wish to go this route. Catalina produced the Catalina 250 for a number of years, but later moved entirely to day-sailors for this size class of boat. From sail trim to boat systems to physics to history to exploration, sailing is a buffet for the brain. Both test boats have inboards. Now if Catalina would only install a good-size hanging locker, put in more working counter surface in the galley, make it easier to make up the forward berth…. To some extent, the choice between the Beneteau 2 65 and the Catalina 270 LE is a trade off between elegant French styling on the one hand, and no-non­sense American practicality on the other. She was built between 1971 and 1991 by Catalina Yachts (United States) with 6662 hulls completed. Catalina supplied nice plastic vents with white covers on the boats up until who knows when. Yanmar diesel motor with only 350 hours on her. boat, does offer an outboard version (base price $32,900 excluding engine, which is $5,150 below the inboard Beneteau price with engine) and rec­ommends a 9.9-hp. The Beneteau has more stowage lockers, faster acceleration, and French-favored rather than California ­favored Eurostyle. See the full specifications for more details. Membership in the discussion forum is free but regulated. The rear full bed in the aft cabin is comfortable and roomy for a boat this size. In a Catalina 25 swing keel this was not a problem because we could just raise the keel and still get out to deeper water. The Beneteau’s compass is option­al, mounted along with any other op­tional instruments on the cabinhouse bulkhead, a better position for crew viewing but not as good for the helms­man. I’ll mention them here, as well as my thoughts now that I’ve sailed her. So in no particular order, here are the features and factors I considered. But, unfortunately, moving the track forward isn’t feasible because of the long companionway bridge deck, which reaches forward beyond the boom’s midpoint. (Among other prob­lems, in a seaway an outboard prop tends to ventilate too much). Although the Catalina’s mast is shorter and its main­sail is smaller, the foretriangle height is two feet longer than the Beneteau’s, resulting in more total sail area when setting a big genoa. The bow berth has a great view out the forward hatch which acts as a skylight at night. The Catalina is heavier, more stable, roomier, better equipped, and has a lower price tag. On the Beneteau, Harken, Spin­lock, and Lewmar are predominant. When reselling a boat one never gets out of it all that went in to upgrades, so additions that came with the boat are a great bargain. The security of being self-reliant in the smallest package is a nice image. We will bring her home in ... International Catalina 27/270 Association - Digest #179 7 messages. The Catalina 270 is a beamy boat at 9’6″, with the beam carried aft. Both boats utilize external bolt-on lead keels, suitably thick fiberglass lay-up schedules, solid glass hulls and balsa­cored decks, and reasonably strong hull-deck connections. The head has a fiberglass shell that make cleaning simple. People who start in small boats and trade up often view 27 feet as some kind of milestone, and rightly so. As already mentioned, both boats use Lewmar winches. Electrical. This boat looks like new with in-furling main and furling jib. August 25, 2000. This impressed us. The Catalina 270 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass. ... Catalina 270 Can't find it here? Excellent comparison on both boats. Launched in 1971, the Catalina 27 has been a popular favourite, enjoying the kind of commercial success that’s led to one of the longest and largest production runs of its era spanning 22 years and 6,600 boats. This configuration provides an interesting draft / low … About this Sailboat: This is a fresh water only Catalina 270 LE. The Catalina 270 is a beamy boat at 9’6″, with the beam carried aft. Both the Beneteau and the Catalina utilize modern wide-body, fin-keel, spade-rudder configurations, relatively long waterlines, and moderate rigs with shrouds moved in­board to permit a nar­rower sheeting base. Two of the newest 27-foot cruising boat designs are from Beneteau and Catalina, both huge builders. Bareboat Charter Planning: British Virgin Islands. The Catalina’s lightness is helped by a skylight of milk-white Plexiglas (two layers thick) abaft the mast, and more area in the main cabin ports. The surface is totally fiberglass on the Catalina, but on the Beneteau, soft white foam­backed vinyl lines the upper halves of the hull sides. Hatches & Ports. Catalina 270 Boats Review and Specs Year: 1997 Manufacturer: Irish Boat Shop, Inc. Price: US$27,000 This Catalina 270 has her own included trailer. This make for a comfortable ride on the water. She sails well in light air, so even when the wind drops to 3 knots the boat will still ghost along at a knot or more. I think sailors begin dreaming of their next larger size boat about 1 year after purchasing their last next larger boat. Sailing for Fun. I chose Catalina because I had great experiences dealing with them on my previous boat. I like the lines of a Catalina 270. The size and placement is good for steering from either a sitting or standing posi­tion; brake and compass binnacle (4- inch Danforth Constellation) are stan­dard; pedestal-mounted brackets for additional instruments such as depth sounder and speedo are extra. This year, I made the move to my next larger boat, a Catalina 270. This helps keep the mast in a consistent position to the wind and make sailing more enjoyable for the crew. The choice is also between the Beneteau’s lighter hull with quicker acceleration, and the Catalina’s equal­ly maneuverable but heavier hull with greater load-carrying capacity and liv­ing space below. Engine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Find Catalina 270 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Helping to make sailing the Catalina a no-hassle experience is an impressive array of standard equip­ment not seen on the Beneteau: A double-ended mainsheet, adjustable either at a cam cleat on the traveler car or at a cabin top stopper, where a winch can be used; a pair of two-speed Lewmar self-tailing #30s (compared to Beneteau’s single speed #16s); a standard 135-percent genoa on a good­quality Hood single-line furler (compared to Beneteau’s standard 100-percent jib and furler hardware available only as an option); a total of five cabintop stoppers (vs. three for the Beneteau); Dutchman mainsail flaking sys­tem; and single-line reefing (though the Catalina test boat did not have single-line reefing rigged). So did the Catalina, which was at least as stable on a breezier day (wind 20-25, occasional gusts to 30) with full sail, only burying the rail once in a particularly vicious wind burst. Other boat manufacturers’ designs in this size range did not appeal to me as much as do Catalina’s. Pocket Cruiser By Bob Perry. That’s 7 as... Hope you enjoy 60 seconds of sailing races, overnight voyages, and windy June sailing on Utah Lake. We judged all branded hardware on both boats to be of acceptable quality. Catalina’s chief engineer, Gerry Douglas, doesn’t think it’s suitable for a 27- footer, especially one weighing 6,400 pounds-and, he says, neither did most buyers of Catalina 27s over the last several years. Which boat, we wondered, is the better buy, and for whom? What started as lessons with my kids has turned into sailing certifications, a captain's license, and a life long hobby that takes us sailing all over the world.